Engine Repair

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

A professional diagnostic scan of your vehicle's electronic system is the onlyway to get to the heart of the problem. Be careful - because some repair shops do a basic code retrieval which only: 

  • Typically only reads and resets basic trouble codes
  • Gives a general idea of what system caused what code
  • If the root cause is not from a faulty part, there are no more steps
  • Cleared codes have a strong possibility of returning

At Paisano we perform a professional diagnostic scanning.  This includes: 

  • Reading circuit-specific data from each onboard system
  • Gathering readings from all possible sources to pinpoint exact trouble caused and faulty parts
  • Tracing the root cause to a faulty wire, corrosion, etc. 
  • Cost savings by having the repair done correctly

Once the cause and repairs are completed, cleared codes will remain cleared and your check engine light will stay off.   Call us at (773) 424-8600 to schedule an appointment!

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